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Composite Photo - How to use -

・About Saving

Folder in the SD card (in the body of some models) that, "PhotoEditerData" to be created.
Among these, a folder called "PhotoEditerTmp" further is created.
The "PhotoEditerData", photo by combining production saved will be saved in the form of JPEG.
To "PhotoEditerTmp", those saved layer is stored in the form of PNG.
Photos that are no longer needed, please remove from and galleries.
Even if you import a photo, the original file is not overwritten, it will be saved here.
Photos taken from this folder, it is possible to choose Save.

・About App Error

May be forced to end due to lack of memory.
From the menu button, in this case, please try to reduce the "number of times that can be undone."
The amount of free memory varies depending on model and condition.
The greater the number of layers, reducing the number of times that can be undone.
Nine layers when using a test environment, was about 14 times the number of times that can be undone.
When set at the last minute, by the process, because there is likely to be out of memory,
Please set with a margin.

・About retention of the magnification

All layers are compatible with scaling using 2 fingers.
This behavior can be used any number of times without deterioration of image quality.
However, while scaling, I would use the one marked with (×) to describe the drawing tools,
State that appears will be set to 100% magnification, then the operation is not suitable for larger.
When you use a tool (×), it is recommended that you use a new layer for it.

- The main toolbar -

[ Move ]
I move the currently selected photo.
Touch the photo, you can also select.

[ Shows / Hides ]
Shows / Hides the Drawing toolbar.

[  Shows / Hides  ]
Shows / hides the toolbar correcting images.

[  Shows / Hides  ]
Shows / hides the layer toolbar.

[ Undo ]
Return one operation.

[ Redo ]
Canceled the operation that was undone.

[ Quick Help ]
After the touch, if you touch the icons,
A short description is displayed.

- Layers toolbar -

[ Save ]
I want to save the photo in the selection.

 [ New layer ]
I want to create a new layer.
I suitable for use the drawing tools.

[ Importing Photos ]
I opened the gallery to choose from photos that are saved.
Can not be opened if the layer is full.
Is not suitable for use drawing tools other than the blur-eraser.

[ Copy ]
I will duplicate the selected layer.
Layer can not be replicated when full.

[ Garbage can ]
I will delete the selected layer.
Does not delete the data that is stored.

  • Layer, you can create up to nine.
  • By combining the layer, is full, please delete the layer that is no longer needed.
  • Appears at the bottom of the trash, the layer that you have created, you can select the layer that you touch.
  • On a layer, by slide, swap the position is displayed.
  • As it goes on, I will bring it to the front.
  • Hidden pictures.  [×] is displayed when you touch again  the selected layer

- Modify photo toolbar -

For the selected layer, I corrected.

[ Select range ]

Select the range, we do a delete or trimming.
After selecting the range, you can move the selection with the slide.
When you touch, you can release the selection.

[Left] Cut
[Center] Delete
[Right] Undo / Redo
This operation is valid only until the decision corrected.

[ Rotation ] 
I rotate the slide.
Button is also displayed rotated 90 degrees.

[ Filter ]
I used to select a filter.
ver0.163 transparency and brightness, color correction, blur, and contour-tone gray scale inversion monochrome sepia-2

[ Automatic deletion ] 
Are adjacent to the location that you touch, I erase a color close.
If you are surrounded by different colors adjacent, I will not be erased.
You can also change the color determination level.

[ Approximate color erasing ]
I want to erase all the colors of the location close to the touch.
You can also change the color determination level.

[ Layer combined ] (×)
Was synthesized consisting of the image layer selected layer has been displayed.
Since the magnification is not preserved, I is not suitable for the expansion of post-synthesis operation.

Cancellation of the decision process, touch the icon below.
[Left] OK
[Right] Cancel

- Drawing toolbar -

I draw to the selected layer.

[Pen] (× ○)
Choose the weight and color, with a touch & slide, I draw the line.
If the layer of the photo, it does not draw a smooth,
Since the expansion rate is maintained, you can draw while expanding.

[ Syringe & pen ] (× ○)
When you select a color not set, you can select a color from the screen.
Is similar to the other pen.
Example of use: scratches, such as hidden (with Blur)

[ Eraser ]
Choose the size, I erase the image in touch & slide.
Since the expansion rate is maintained, you can clear while expanding.

[ Blur ]
Choose the size, I blur the image with a touch & slide.
Magnification factor is retained.

[ Stamp ] (×)
Select the size and type, I stamped the image.
Layer for use in non-photo is suitable magnification factor will not be retained.

[ Words ] (×)
I put a character using the keyboard.
After you enter characters, you can change the position and color.
[Frame] (independent, so no effect on layer)
You can view the frame, you can save time are combined together to save JPEG.
Range change in touch -> slide the four corners. -> move in range slide without touching the four corners.
In the two-finger zoom, range expansion of the image as it is.

- Menu -

You can be displayed by pressing the menu button on the main unit.

[ Language ]

Japanese / English you can choose.

[ Undo cache ]

As the number increases, the need to free memory.
If you will be killed frequently, please reduce this number.
The default setting is 1.

By selecting (SD), SD card (in the body of some models) is used.
If you want to increase the number of times that I can return model and a high-resolution, low-memory model,
Please select from here.
Folder named "PhotoEditerUndo" in "PhotoEditerData" in this case is created,
Among these, the file is saved.
File will remain even if you exit the app, I will be overwritten when you use the app.
The number to be saved, is 2 × the number of pieces.

※ memory and, it is not a free space of the body · SD card.
※ vary depending on model and application you have installed.

[ Back Key ]

• While you are pressing ... hide, you hide the toolbar, we only display the image.
· We will exit the app at the end ...... Back button.
The default setting is hidden.

[ Save to synthesize ]

By synthesizing the displayed image, I save it with a name. Format (JPEG)
(Gray base of the app) transparency, so white, if you want to change the color,
Or fill to add a layer to the bottom, please read the background picture.

[ New create ]

Clear all of the screen, I returned to the initial state.
Layer data is lost unsaved.

[ Link ]

I move the browser to Twitter / Facebook / mixi.
You can also move other material to the site.
I am looking for a site convenient material.
It is OK for both self-appointed recommendation, Please note that we have chosen.

[ Exit ]

I exit the app.

Beyond the basics


ナンバーリンク -NumberLink-

Android用アプリ 「ナンバーリンク -NumberLink-」


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